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Outdoor Message Center Letter Board 60" x 40" | Wall Double Door Enclosed Information Display Board

From $2,330.00

  • Outdoor Enclosed Letter Board
  • Wall Mount Exterior Message Center
  • 60 x 40 Letter Board Cabinet Size
  • Letter Board with Changeable Letters
  • Weatherproof Information Display Board
  • Hinged Two Door Display Case
  • Faux Wood Style Display Case
  • Two Sturdy Hinged Doors
  • Grooved Vinyl Covered Letterboard Panel
  • Locking Letter Board Display with 2 Keys
  • Heavy-duty construction for years of use
  • Eco-Friendly and Maintenance Free
  • Faux Wood Design - Looks Like real Wood
  • High Density Recycled Plastic (polyethylene construction)
  • Will not rot, splinter, or crack
  • Removable interior letter board panel surface
  • LED Illuminated display cases are Optional
  • 3/4" wide main frame / 1 1/2" wide door frame
  • 5 1/2" exterior depth / 3 3/4" interior depth
  • 8 1/2" rain overhang cover depth
  • Call For Custom Outside Message Center Sizes

145 piece 2" Helvetica letter / number set included

Outdoor Enclosed Letter Board | Single Door Message Display Cases 10+ Sizes and Custom

From $237.30

  • Wall Outdoor Letter Board
  • Single Door, Enclosed, Lockable Display Case
  • Letter Board with Changeable Letters
  • Weather Resistant Aluminum Display Cabinet
  • Wall Mount Message Board
  • Single Door Mounted to Full-Length Hinge
  • Cabinet Frame Opens opens from right to left
  • Locking Letterboard Display Case
  • Security cam-lock on front of frame (2 keys)
  • Overall Depth: 3 1/8"
  • Interior Useable Depth: 1 5/8"
  • 4 outdoor treated frame finishes
  • Break Resistant Acrylic: Perfect for high-traffic or public environments
  • Attractive black vinyl letterboard with precision grooves
  • Easy letter and number insertion
  • 3/4" White Helvetica letters and numbers included (290 Character Sprue Set)
  • Withstands typical everyday outside elements: Not waterproof or flood-proof
  • Weep Holes & Vents help expel any water and dissipate any condensation
  • Weather-resistant aluminum backing with silicone sealant
  • Large 36x48 size ships FREE FREIGHT (see Size Chart ICON for details)
  • Outdoor letterboard displays for INDOOR or OUTDOOR use
  • Letter Board Display Case must be surface mounted on the wall
  • Call for Custom Enclosed Outdoor Letter Boards

Designer Wood Framed Letter Board SwingFrames with Message Header | Enclosed Letters Board

From $543.40

  • SwingFrame Designer Letter Board
  • Wood Frame Profile #353
  • Indoor Enclosed Letter Board
  • Changeable Letters Board
  • Wall Mount Letterboard Display Frame
  • 5" high White Letter Board Message Header
  • Patented swing-open frame system (opens right to left)
  • Features Concealed, Behind the Frame, Hinges and Gravity Lock
  • Wood Frame Profile: 1 3/8" Wide
  • 9 Wood frame finishes available
  • Frame Orientation: All sizes come standard in PORTRAIT orientation
  • Overall Frame Depth: 2 1/4"
  • Beveled Matboard: Complimentary color to frame
  • Break Resistant Acrylic: Perfect for high traffic or public environments
  • 1/4" Spaced Grooved Letters Panel Board
  • Black Vinyl Letterboard allows for easy letter and number insertion
  • 3/4" White Helvetica letters/numbers included: 290 Character Sprue Set
  • Installs Easily: Mounting hardware included
  • Designer Letter Board displays are for INDOOR USE ONLY
  • Call for Custom Letter Boards Enclosed Indoor and Outdoor

    Open Face 20 x 24 Wood 353 Framed Vinyl Letter Board

    From $174.20

    • Access Wood 353 Letterboards
    • 20" x 24" Wooden Letterboard and Directory
    • Letter Board with Changeable Letters
    • Open Face Wood Framed Letter Board
    • BLACK Letter Board
    • Wood Frame Profile: 1 3/8" Wide ()
    • Durable Black Vinyl Covered Letter Board
    • Wooden Picture Frame Style with Flat Profile
    • #353 Wood Frame Profile (1 3/8" Wide) borders the vinyl letter board
    • Natural Wood Stained Frame
    • 6 Popular Wood Frame Finishes
    • Portrait and Landscape Sizes
    • 20"x24" is the Outside Frame Dimension
    • Overall Frame Depth: 1 1/8"
    • Letterboard with 1/4" grooves allows for easy letter and number insertion
    • 3/4" White Helvetica letters and numbers included (290 Characters)
    • Optional Plastic Letters Sets Sizes in Helvetica and Roman Fonts
    • Ideal for Signs, Messages, Menus, Directories, Other Info + Announcements
    • Hanging Hardware on the frame back for easy wall or ceiling mount.
    • Access Letterboards Open Face 20 x 24 Display for INDOOR use

    Helvetica Changeable Letter Sets | White Plastic Letters | Boxed Letters Set and Sprue Character Sets in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", 3" Heights

    From $27.00

    • White Plastic Letters
    • Helvetica Font Letters
    • Changeable Plastic Letters for Letter Boards
    • Boxed Letters Set & Sprue character sets (1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", 3")
    • Precision-molded, plastic letters
    • Features single tab at bottom of characters
    • Letters are inserted into 1/4" spaced grooved letter board
    • Fits any Standard Letterboard
    • Plastic Letters in White with (Black Plastic Letters Available)
    • Assorted letters, numbers and symbols

    Outdoor Enclosed Letter Boards with Message Header on 2 Leg Posts Multiple Doors | 2 and 3 Door Display Cases

    From $1,455.00

    • Outdoor Letter Board
    • Standing Letter Board Display Case
    • Multiple Doors: 2 and 3 Door Letter Board Models
    • Message Display Board
    • Letter Board with Changeable Letters
    • Enclosed Letter Board Display
    • Two 8' Aluminum Leg Posts
    • 5" High White Message Header Panel
    • Message Header Text Printed Free
    • Features full length piano hinges (opens right to left)
    • Lockable Letter Board Display
    • Security cam-lock is positioned on front of frame (2 keys included)
    • Overall Cabinet Depth: 3 1/8"
    • Interior Useable Depth: 1 5/8"
    • 4 outdoor treated metal case frame finishes
    • Break Resistant Acrylic: Perfect for high traffic or public environments
    • Black vinyl letterboard with precision grooves
    • Easy plastic letter and number insertion
    • 3/4" White Plastic Helvetica Letters and Numbers included (290 Character Sprue Set)
    • Weather Resistant Made for the Outdoors
    • Withstands typical everyday outside elements: Not flood-proof
    • Cabinet Weep Holes helps expel any water and dissipates condensation build-up
    • Weather resistant aluminum backing with silicone sealant
    • 38 letterboard sizes ships FREE FREIGHT (see Size Chart ICON for details)
    • Call for Custom Letter Boards Outdoor and Indoor
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    Recently Viewed Products USA Manufacturer of Enclosed Letter Boards and Open Face Letterboards Large and Small for Business and Organizations
    We Offer the Biggest Selection of Vinyl and Felt Letter Boards with Changeable Letters

    Wall Mount and Floor Standing Message / Directory Letter Boards, Indoor / Outdoor Letterboards, Restaurant Menu Displays, Designer SwingFrame Letter Boards & Custom Letter Board Sizes. Unframed letter boards also available.

    More Changeable Letter Boards. More Enclosed Letterboard Solutions

    For over 20 years, thousands of Businesses, Retail Stores, Institutions, Hotels, Schools, Government Agencies — all industries – have purchased frames and display boards from SwingFrame Mfg and all its online divisions including Designer Changeable Letter Boards, Metal and Wood Enclosed Letter Boards, Indoor and Outdoor displays, Reader and Message Boards, Restaurant Menu Letter Boards, Directory Display Cabinets, and numerous other wall mount and floor standing fixtures for their signage and visual display projects.

    Wall-Mounted and Free-Standing Letter Board Displays

    Our enclosed letter boards meet numerous solutions for wall and floor display. Designers and Buyers have a vast array of changeable directory letter boards to choose from with lots of options, such as, letter boards with headers, felt covered letter boards, vinyl covered letter boards, outdoor letter boards, message display cases, Designer metal and wood SwingFrame letter boards, open face letter boards, enclosed directory boards with lights, and lockable freestanding letter boards.

    Custom Made Indoor & Outdoor Letter Boards

    With our USA in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can modify our SwingFrame Designer Letter Boards and build custom letter board frames with hundreds of profiles to fit and enhance your décor. Custom letter board options include: frame finishes, sizes, styles, matboard colors, lockable reader board display cases, lighted letterboard cases, shadow box letter boards, and large display board sizes.

    LetterBoards4sale.Com is a Division of Access Display Group, Inc. (ADG)

    ADG is a display manufacturer located on Long Island, New York. The company designs, manufactures and distributes frames, displays and fixtures for visual merchandising, visual communications and visual displays. Buyers, designers and architects have purchased our display fixture products and enclosed letter boards for corporate offices, institutions, retail stores, hospitality and medical centers, banks, hotels, schools and universities, sports and entertainment centers, government agencies and military bases – all industries and marketplaces.

    More Changeable Letter Boards with More Letter Display Solutions

    For over 15 Years, ADG has presented its wide-ranging lines of frames and displays, including its patented SwingFrame enclosed letter display boards, on the company’s first website, With LetterBoards (4Sale), ADG has created a secure e-commerce website focused on providing customers with the largest selection of indoor and outdoor letter board displays to make it easier for buyers of changeable letter boards to find the right enclosed letter board or open faced letter board for their changeable signage and message board needs. All open face and enclosed letter board displays come with white plastic changeable letters sets – a complete 3/4” plastic spru set of alphabet letters and numbers. With other size changeable letter sets available.

    Letterboards (4Sale) Offers the Most Extensive List Of Indoor and Outdoor Letter Board Display Cases, Metal and Wood Changeable Letter Board Displays and Standing Letter Board and Enclosed Letter Display Boards, Letter Board Signs, Changeable Message Boards, open face letter boards and Indoor floor standing and wall mount SwingFrame Designer Letter Boards.

    Choose Wall Mount Enclosed LetterBoards and Free Standing Letter Board Displays

    Although we offer and distribute standard size changeable letterboard and standing letter board displays, what makes LetterBoards4sale different from other letterboard distributors is that we also manufacture many of the letter boarsd displays offered. The patented Designer Letterboard SwingFrames are built in our Freeport NY manufacturing facility. As a result many of the Floor standing and wall mount enclosed changeable letter boards can be modified and custom built to your design specifications and signage requirements. Call displays4sale for more information and for letterboard custom design quotes.

    Indoor and Outdoor Changeable Letter Boards – Numerous Letterboard Applications

    Letterboards are changeable display boards used for a variety of signage applications, such as; office building or tenants directory, transportation schedule, activity announcements, restaurant menu board display or as a directional sign. And if you’re looking for one or multiple units, LetterBoards (4Sale) can meet your changeable signage requirements and budget. No other online store has the range of both standard and custom letter board styles and sizes. We make finding the right changeable letterboard an easy process by offering lots of different metal and wood enclosed letterboard models. We now offer changeable open face letter board displays in lots of sizes with custom letter board sizes available.

    Our enclosed wall mount changeable letter boards and floor standing letter boards can be seen in residential and government buildings, churches and religious organizations, institutions, small retail stores to Fortune 500 companies.

    Letterboards4Sale features letter display boards that come in metal and wood profiles, These Changeable letter boards include the patented SwingFrame Designer Letterboards and SwingFrame Floor Standing Letter board SwingStands.

    • Wood Designer Letter Boards are wall mounted changeable message letter display boards that come in numerous finishes including Black, Cherry, Mahogany and White. The attractive wood 353 profile is a contemporary three step frame design that can comfortably fit into wide-ranging interior decors.
    • Metal Designer Letter Boards have a classic round picture frame profile that also have the style to fit into numerous indoor settings and come in satin silver, black, gold and shiny polished finishes.
    • Lockable Letter Boards Both metal and wood designer SwingFrame enclosed letter boards have the patented gravity lock, hidden behind the from frame profile. To prevent tampering, a lockable letterboard with side plunge lock and Key are available options. ─unlike the typical indoor enclosed letterboard with front locks.
    • Wall Mount Letter Boards Less than 2” Deep The Wood SwingFrame Designer Enclosed Letter board is only 1 3/4” deep and the Metal SwingFrame Designer Letterboard has a 1 5/8” off the wall depth. Each comes with a standard black felt grooved letter display panel and a set of changeable plastic letters and numbers. The attractive contemporary slim letter boards meets ADA requirements.
    • Enclosed Letter Boards with Header When you order a changeable letter display board with header panel send us your text message and will print it to the letterboard header panel in All Caps Helvetica Black Font. No additional charge! You can also send in a color logo or text/graphic to print onto the header panel as an option.
    • Lighted Letter Boards can more create attention to your message, schedule, directory, or menu. SwingFrame illuminated Designer Letter Boards have energy efficient T-4 /T-5 florescent bulbs located inside on the top of the changeable message board. Wood letter boards are 3 7/8” deep and the metal profile letterboard is only 3 3/8” Both message boards meet ADA regulations. Each come with a changeable letters sets with white plastic letters and numbers.
    • Designer Letterboards with Header and Light: A great changeable message sign board combination: Both Swingframe Designer letterboards, metal and wood frame profiles, come in lighted letter board models with a header panel. For Indoor display applications and ideal for corporate offices, lobbies, schools and churches ─any interior location where wall mount, lockable changeable message board is desired.
    • Standing Letter Boards can be ordered for indoor or outdoor display. The letter display stands are offered in enclosed display case models. A sturdy, elegant single post stand supports the various enclosed letterboard case models. These include the designer wood and metal SwingFrame Enclosed Letterboards and the outdoor SwingCase Front Lockable letterboard Case. Each come with black grooved letterboard panel and a set of changeable plastic letters and numbers.
    • Outdoor Letterboards: 11 Single Door Letter Boards in 3 Popular Finishes: If you looking for outdoor letter boards, you come to the right place. LetterBoards (4sale) has a range of changeable letter board sizes to fit numerous outdoor applications. The standard single door outdoor wall mounted letter board model is only 2” deep and comes in 11 standard letterboard sizes from 8 1/2” x 11” to 36” x 48” in either a portrait or landscape orientation. The precision grooved letter board comes in standard black vinyl with an option to purchase other vinyl grooved letter board panels in blue, burgundy, grey or green. The standard exterior directory letter board display case finish is satin silver with an option to order a powder coat black or dark bronze.
    • Wall Mounted 2 Door and 3 Door Outdoor Letter Boards: We have outdoor message boards that can handle a large directory list. These outdoor letterboards come in 2 and 3 door display cases models and made for the outdoors. Weatherproof outdoor changeable letter boards are constructed in a study aluminum case and come with a front cam lock for security. The interior has a grooved letter board panel that comes in a black vinyl cover. A free set of changeable letters is added with additional changeable plastic letters sets and letter set sizes available. Outdoor Letterboard display cases come in a satin silver finish with powder coat black and dark bronze as an option.
    • Changeable Letter Sets: Each enclosed letterboard comes with a set of white plastic alphabet letters and numbers in 3/4” size. To enhance the message presentation, additional changeable white plastic letter sets are available in 3/4” inch, one inch, two inch and 3 inches letter sizes. Letters and numbers come in Helvetica and Roman fonts.
    • Custom Letter Boards built to Your Size: If you don’t see the single or multi-door indoor or outdoor letter board case size or indoor letter display board for your enclosed directory, sign or message board needs, we’ll build it. Call our helpful custom service.
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