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EXTREME WeatherPLUS™ Standing LED-Lit Outdoor Enclosed Letter Boards | Single Door Display in 14 Sizes

Illuminating Outdoor Letter Board Display Cases Withstanding Changing Weather Conditions
To effectively communicate important information to students, customers, employees, the community, or anyone passing by, it's important to have a durable outdoor display case that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The LED SwingCase Extreme WeatherPlus™ Letter Board with changeable letters is a weather-resistant solution designed to protect and deliver external information. With its LED illumination and sturdy construction, this freestanding display case can withstand the elements and ensure your message is visible to anyone nearby.

Brighten and Lighten Your Letter Board Message
This "SwingCase" Enclosed LED Letter Board Display Case is an ideal, quick-changing solution for businesses and organizations wanting to make their external announcements brighter and more noticeable. It comes with interior LED lighting to attract more outdoor attention. The overall single door display case depth is only 3 1/8".

LED LIGHTS – Energy-Efficient, Longer Lasting
Go GREEN with our energy-saving LED Lights. With our LED Strip Lighting positioned on the interior top, your messages, events, menus, schedules, promotions, and other announcements are brightly spotlighted. The LED lights are UL-rated and approved for energy efficiency and safe to use. Choose from Top Lit or the Entire Interior Perimeter for LED Lighting placement.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ Outdoor Message Centers
We have received requests from our customers regarding the durability of our message board display cases in harsh outdoor weather conditions. We understand the concerns over changing weather conditions and have developed the Extreme WeatherPlus™ line of Outdoor Message Centers to address this need. This line has been installed in wide-ranging locations throughout the USA and now includes outdoor letter board display cases.

The Extreme WeatherPlus™ Outdoor Enclosed Letter Board is specifically designed to withstand the challenges posed by outdoor settings. Its sturdy construction ensures it can endure harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and strong winds. The single-door cabinet is built using high-quality rustproof aluminum alloy with weather-treated finishes. It is also resistant to fading, ensuring it will remain durable and last for years.

The aluminum letter board cabinet has a secure front lock (with keys), providing safety and protection of the inside content from theft and vandalism. The break-resistant acrylic window has a clear viewing area, while the waterproof seal prevents water from seeping in, thus keeping the letterboard content dry and readable all the time.

Not The Ordinary Changeable Letter Board
Our Extreme WeatherPlus™ Outdoor Letter Board is not your typical letter board. It features an all-new NuGroove synthetic material specially designed to be exceptionally durable and long-lasting compared to traditional felt or vinyl letterboards.

The NuGroove letter board is resistant to fading, discoloration, and wear and tear over time, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor messaging. It can withstand moisture and mildew, ensuring it remains in excellent condition even in wet or humid conditions. The NuGroove Letter Board Panel is fixed into the letterboard display case. When creating an announcement, the letters and characters stay securely in place.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ Outdoor Letter Boards with LED Lighting
Made in the USA

Free Standing Outdoor Message Center with Metal Posts
The hinged single-door display case comes fully assembled. Just bolt the two pre-drilled, 8 ft. Aluminum Posts to the sides of the 3 1/8" deep exterior enclosed bulletin board cabinet. (Bolts included). Securing the 2"x2"x96" posts three ft. in-ground will create a sturdy free-standing display case.

Letter Boards Include a Free White Plastic Letter set.
A 3/4" sprue set of letters and numbers (290 characters) comes with each Extreme WeatherPlus letterboard. Insert the white plastic letters into a NuGroove letter board display board to create messages for your retail store, business, or organization. Create schedules, menus, directories, products & prices, lists, and events.

Get Creative with Letter Board Options:
Design letter board messages with popular Helvetica and Roman plastic letter and character sets in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", and 3" height sizes and NuGrooved Letter Board Panels in Black or Grey. These white letter sets are available in break-off Sprue and Boxed Letter Sets. Mix and match letter sizes to create easily readable, eye-catching notices, promotions, events, and other announcements.

All Weather, Letter Board Display Case Sizes
With 14+ standard NuGroove letterboard sizes, these lockable, weatherproof, durable aluminum display cases are ideal for outdoor cafes, delis, and restaurant menu displays, building directories, events, and messaging boards for schools, libraries, and communities.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ LED illuminated display cases are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in numerous case sizes to communicate a wide range of announcements. from the popular 18" x 24" and 22x28, to large sizes such as 24x36, 30x40, and extra-large 36x48, and more. Custom letter board sizes to fit your specific needs are also available. With such a wide range of sizes, you can effectively convey any message, whether a simple announcement or a detailed display.

Portrait or Landscape Orientation
You have the option to choose either Vertical (Portrait) or Horizontal (Landscape) orientation. Based on the fourteen standard metal cabinet sizes, you can determine the design, length, and content of the message, menus, directory, or other announcement you want to present.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ Custom Outdoor NuGroove Letter Boards
Do you need a customized enclosed letter board that can withstand extreme weather conditions? With or without LED lighting, we'll build it. We offer custom-built cabinets in various sizes, including free-standing or wall mount, 1-door, 2-door, and 3-door options. Contact our team of experts and let us know your requirements for your next project and location, and we will provide you with a detailed quote.

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